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Outdoor Carpet and Rug Selections

Are you ready to spice up your patio space with an outdoor carpet for this summer?

outdoor carpet on patioWith summer fast approaching, the days of entertaining and large group get-togethers are right around the corner. An easy way to make a lasting, positive impression on your guests is with a great outdoor carpet.

Choosing a carpet can be very difficult if you do not know where to start. Check out the tips below to make sure you’re prepared for your visit.

Color and Design Selection

Be sure to know exactly what colors you are using in your outdoor space. Your want to make sure all the colors of your cushions, pillows, umbrella, and rug work together to really make your space a place you can enjoy. If you’re not a color expert you can always use online tools like Color Schemer to help come up with colors that work together. If you’re looking for a specific theme or design, be sure to know what will work well with your space.

Picking the Right Size Outdoor Carpet

The number one mistake people make when choosing an outdoor carpet is getting the wrong size. This leads to either being dissatisfied with the final outcome, or having to inconvenience yourself with returns. Many times individuals will just measure their patio or deck and assume they need to get a carpet that fits. You want to make sure you ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much space do I want my carpet to take up?
  • Do I want my furniture on or off the carpet?
  • How will I orient the carpet?

It sometimes helps to sketch out your space on paper before you begin shopping. This was you can decide exactly how much space you want your carpet to take up.

Even if you are not sure what kind of outdoor carpet to get, or even where to start, we can help you. Be sure to bring in a picture of your outdoor space so we can help you match the colors and style of your outdoor carpet or rug to your space.

We offer a large selection of outdoor carpet. At Remnant City, you will always find the carpet to match your unique style.

Be sure to stop in to our store. We would love help you make a lasting impression for your guests!

Carpet Myths

These days, it is very easy to get the wrong information about things, and Remnant carpet is no exception. However, it is very important for you to have the right facts about carpet before you make a trip to the carpet center. Below are some of the most common carpet myths:

Myth: Nylon, Wool And Polyester Carpet Gets Dirty

Fact: If you choose white-colored Remnant carpet, then it will most likely get dirty. However, the material that the carpet is made from is not the problem. You should choose another carpet color if you are concerned about the carpet getting dirty.

Myth: Remnant Carpet Has Formaldehyde In It

Fact: This is one of the most common carpet myths. Many people are concerned about formaldehyde because it has been shown to increase the risk of cancer and other health problems. However, carpet does not have any formaldehyde in it. In fact, formaldehyde has not been used in carpet ever since 1978.

One of the reasons that this carpet myth is so common is because many companies today are selling home testing kits.

Myth: Carpet Has A Lot Of Chemicals In It

Fact: Many people who come to a carpet center are concerned about the chemicals inside of the carpet. Just about everything that you use has chemicals. Many of the fibers inside of carpet are also found inside of the close that we wear. The Environmental Protection Agent tests carpet, and they have not found a link between health problems and carpet.

Myth: Once Carpet Gets Soiled, It Is No Longer Any Good

Fact: That is far from the truth. Carpet is going to get soiled. Just because it gets soiled does not mean that it is no longer any good. Carpet requires regular cleaning just like anything else. As soon as you notice your Remnant carpet getting dirty, you will need to clean it. Professionals at a carpet center can give you tips for cleaning your carpet.

Myth: Mold Can Grow On Your Carpet

Fact: This is one of the carpet myths that is actually half-true. If your home floods, then mold can possible grow on it. Mold thrives in a moist environment. Normal household use will not cause mold to grow on your carpet. Mold growth is not caused by the carpet itself. It is caused by moisture.

Myth: If I Have Allergies, Then I Should Not Have Carpet

Fact: This is one of the carpet myths that has been dispelled many times. Allergens are trapped inside of the carpet. However, when you vacuum or sweep the carpet, you stir up those allergens. That is why the Environmental Protection Agency advises that people with allergies or asthma use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA air filter. This type of air filter helps trap allergens.

If you are looking for some new carpet for your home, then you should consider contacting Remnant City. This is a carpet center based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This company has a wide variety of carpet that comes straight from the manufacturer.

Turning Remnants into a Rug

Remnant City in Pittsburgh offers dozens of solutions to the need for a rug but limited to a budget that prohibits a big expense. Remnant carpet lends itself beautifully to a purpose of being a carpet rug. Remnants can be used as they are with the addition of binding around the edges. They also can be seamed together and then edge bound to create unique rug applications.

Area Rug

The simplest way of turning remnant carpet into a carpet rug is to purchase the size remnant that fits the target space and then add edge binding. Binding does not have to be sewn on to be effective. Sewn bindings require heavy duty commercial machines that practically no one has free access to using. There are self adhesive edge bindings that perform very well over time with the help of simple hot glue.

The first step in using remnant carpet to create a simple, one piece rug is to determine the size that the new rug needs to be. Turn the rug over on its face so that it is upside down. The jute or other backing creates a grid on the bottom of the remnant carpet. Find the first ridge of that grid that continues from one corner to the opposite side of the carpet remnant. Mark it so that it’s visible and clearly defined. Either work on a surface that does not need to be protected or slide a thin board under the edge you will be cutting. Cut along the marked backing ridge so that the edge is completely straight. Repeat the process with the other three sides. The remnant then will be perfectly square.

Turn the remnant over so that the right side is facing up. Apply self adhesive binding material along all edges, notching the hidden portion at corners to make neat turns. There will be a small space between the edge of the remnant carpet and the exposed portion of the binding. Run a bead of hot glue along the entire length of the binding, pulling the exposed binding edge close to the carpet edge as you go. Hot glue cools quickly and will make a neat and durable edge for your new carpet rug.

Specialty Applications

If making a runner or a patchwork carpet rug where it is necessary to make seams, there are two types of options available for creating those seams. One requires the use of a carpet seaming iron and heat activated tape that holds the carpet pieces together. The other – and much simpler – option is to use an adhesive seaming tape that does not require heat. When applied well, the self adhesive seam tape performs very well over time.

Allow extra carpet material if trying to match patterns. It is simpler to use solid color material that does not require matching. Square up all pieces as discussed above, then use the seaming tape to attach the pieces together. Lay out a length of seaming tape and put one piece of carpet along half of it. Fit the other piece of carpet so closely that the edges of the backing material of each butts against the other piece. Apply pressure to ensure full adhesion then move to the next section. Apply edge binding as discussed above and the result will be a unique carpet rug that fits perfectly in its space.

Protecting Your Rugs From the Harsh Winter Weather

As winter weather arrives, harsh conditions can take a heavy toll on the high traffic areas of the home. The carpets of any entryway can take a terrible beating from the season. With frequent and sometimes excessive precipitation, dirt damage and moisture retention is a constant issue. People and pets will track in snow and ice, in even the briefest trips outdoors. Along with the water from melting precipitation, the modern chemicals and materials that are used to control and navigate the harsh weather also are tracked inside as well. These include sand, salt and ice melt, which can easily damage a carpet rug, sometimes in just a single storm.

How do you protect your floors from this seasonal assault? Frequent cleaning is one option. But vacuuming several times a day can be quite a chore and also promote uneven wear. The best way to safeguard your flooring would be with a remnant carpet that can be easily cleaned without worry or even replaced should the need arise.

Remnant City, an established remnant carpet supplier in Pittsburgh, PA, has spent the last 40 years outfitting and protecting homes from winter weather. They recommend the use of remnants to protect against the damage that harsh conditions bring. With options ranging from a new carpet rug to first run remnant carpet pieces to cover high traffic areas, their business has been the preservation of expensive flooring with cost effective solutions. All of their options, while remnant carpet rolls, are often mill direct leftovers from area carpet dealers who do not have enough material for completion of a room. By buying these pieces at steep discounts, Remnant City can offer carpet rug solutions to cover and guard against seasonal damage. These options can be used to protect not only carpets, but also hardwood and laminate floors.

There are many options available for either custom work from the installers at Remnant City or for the DIY customer who is not afraid to tackle a home improvement project. In either case, when choosing a carpet rug, it is best to use colors that are already in the room. Hallway and stair runner remnants can easily compliment any area, while also being sturdy enough to take the dirt and abuse of high traffic areas. For larger entryways, an area carpet rug can be used as a focal point while masking and protecting the existing carpet from the wear-and-tear of everyday use. Remnant carpet pieces can be easily custom cut to fit odd sizes and spliced together to cover any location with just a few measurements. And the options for binding the edges will allow the carpet rugs to maintain, beauty, durability and protection over many years.

Homeowners, you do not need to replace expensive carpeting due to just a small area being damaged or worn from winter weather. Look for more economical protection to maintain the beauty of your floors with remnant carpets and area rugs today. Visit Remnant City on the web at, or visit their store for your remnant carpet rug solution.

Surprising Ways to Save your Carpets from Stains

Carpet Basics

Carpets need to be vacuumed on a weekly basis. If you do not vacuum weekly then your carpet may mat down. Hot water steam extraction should also be performed on your carpets once a year.

All carpets have some form of stain protection on them but that does not mean they still can’t get dirty. If you do spill something on the carpet, be sure to tend to the spot right away. If it’s a liquid blot it out first – do not rub the spill in.

Below is a list of cleaning solvents to help you get out some of the spots. Do not overuse the cleaning agents. Also, let the area thoroughly dry before walking on it.

  • Beer: use undiluted white vinegar or a detergent solution
  • Blood: use water or a detergent with 4% ammonia solution
  • Carbon Black: use a detergent solution
  • Ketchup: use a detergent solution
  • Chewing Gum: Use A volatile-type solvent like dry cleaning fluid
  • Chocolate: Use either water, a detergent solution, or a detergent with 4% ammonia solution
  • Coffee: Use either a detergent solution or undiluted white vinegar
  • Crayon: Use an oil or grease remover
  • Furniture Polish: use either a detergent solution or an oil or grease remover
  • Grape Juice: use either a detergent solution or an oil or grease remover
  • Gravy: use either water or a detergent solution
  • Permanent ink: use either a detergent solution, a volatile-type solvent like dry cleaning fluid, or an oil or grease remover
  • Washable ink: use water or a detergent solution
  • Iron rust: Use either water or citric acids
  • Lipstick: Use an oil or grease remover
  • Milk: use a detergent solution
  • Mustard: use a detergent solution
  • Nail Polish: Use a volatile-type solvent like dry cleaning fluid
  • Oil: Use a volatie-type solvent like dry cleaning fluid or an oil or grease remover
  • Latex Paint: use water, a detergent solution, or an oil or grease remover
  • Oil Paint: Use an oil or grease remover
  • Shoe Polish: Use water, a detergent solution, or a volatile-type solvent like dry cleaning fluid
  • Soda: Use a detergent solution
  • Tea: Use a detergent solution
  • Urine: use a water and undiluted white vinegar solution or use a water and ammonia solution
  • Vomit: use water, a detergent solution, or a water and undiluted white vinegar solution
  • Water Color: Use water, a detergent solution, or undiluted white vinegar
  • Wine: use water, a detergent with 4% ammonia solution, or undiluted white vinegar 
Chewing gum or candle wax can be removed by rubbing an ice cube quickly over the material and then blot dry. You may need to follow with a solvent cleaner.
If a carpet seems to have lost its luster or just look dirty it could be the oil from our skin coating the fibers and causing them to look dull. Liberally apply a box of baking soda to an area. Let it sit for 24-48 hours and then vacuum up. One box of baking soda should do roughly a 18”x18” square.
Your carpet will only last if you take care of it. A high traffic area may need vacuumed several times a week. And a room barely walked in still needs to be vacuumed once a week.

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