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Protecting Your Rugs From the Harsh Winter Weather

As winter weather arrives, harsh conditions can take a heavy toll on the high traffic areas of the home. The carpets of any entryway can take a terrible beating from the season. With frequent and sometimes excessive precipitation, dirt damage and moisture retention is a constant issue. People and pets will track in snow and ice, in even the briefest trips outdoors. Along with the water from melting precipitation, the modern chemicals and materials that are used to control and navigate the harsh weather also are tracked inside as well. These include sand, salt and ice melt, which can easily damage a carpet rug, sometimes in just a single storm.

How do you protect your floors from this seasonal assault? Frequent cleaning is one option. But vacuuming several times a day can be quite a chore and also promote uneven wear. The best way to safeguard your flooring would be with a remnant carpet that can be easily cleaned without worry or even replaced should the need arise.

Remnant City, an established remnant carpet supplier in Pittsburgh, PA, has spent the last 40 years outfitting and protecting homes from winter weather. They recommend the use of remnants to protect against the damage that harsh conditions bring. With options ranging from a new carpet rug to first run remnant carpet pieces to cover high traffic areas, their business has been the preservation of expensive flooring with cost effective solutions. All of their options, while remnant carpet rolls, are often mill direct leftovers from area carpet dealers who do not have enough material for completion of a room. By buying these pieces at steep discounts, Remnant City can offer carpet rug solutions to cover and guard against seasonal damage. These options can be used to protect not only carpets, but also hardwood and laminate floors.

There are many options available for either custom work from the installers at Remnant City or for the DIY customer who is not afraid to tackle a home improvement project. In either case, when choosing a carpet rug, it is best to use colors that are already in the room. Hallway and stair runner remnants can easily compliment any area, while also being sturdy enough to take the dirt and abuse of high traffic areas. For larger entryways, an area carpet rug can be used as a focal point while masking and protecting the existing carpet from the wear-and-tear of everyday use. Remnant carpet pieces can be easily custom cut to fit odd sizes and spliced together to cover any location with just a few measurements. And the options for binding the edges will allow the carpet rugs to maintain, beauty, durability and protection over many years.

Homeowners, you do not need to replace expensive carpeting due to just a small area being damaged or worn from winter weather. Look for more economical protection to maintain the beauty of your floors with remnant carpets and area rugs today. Visit Remnant City on the web at, or visit their store for your remnant carpet rug solution.

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Remnant City Pittsburgh

2855 Saw Mill Run Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15227-1713
(412) 885-1444