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Carpet Remnants

You’ve heard of carpet remnants—but do you know what they are and why they’re so popular? Remnant City is Pittsburgh’s leading remnant supplier and installer. We have new carpeting for every room of your home or business.

Brand-new Carpeting at Rock-bottom Prices

Remnants are brand-new pieces of carpet that are the same quality as the carpet that’s showcased in any flooring store or home department. Remnants come in all sizes, colors, types, and patterns—exactly the same as what’s in your local carpet store, but so much more affordable.

What’s the Difference Between Remnant Carpet and Regular Carpet?

There’s no difference—except for the great price that you get when you buy a remnant. All carpeting products are produced at a mill at a size of 300 feet or more. As more and more people order carpeting, it’s cut off the carpeting roll. Eventually, as more orders are placed, the rolls get shorter, and the carpeting that’s near the end of the roll is known as a remnant.

Remnant City buys these short rolls of carpeting at steeply discounted prices, and then passes on amazing savings to you! We have many sizes that are in stock—from pieces that can be used as stair runners to rolls that, yes, can actually carpet your entire house.

We Install and Deliver Too!

Remnant City has full-time, experienced installers who can make your home’s flooring beautiful. Installation is done Monday through Friday, and we promptly install carpeting just 1 to 2 weeks after you buy your remnants. The pricing is based on the square footage of your carpeting, and we provide padding too.

Remnant Options for Your Home or Business

Carpet remnants are much more versatile than the carpeting you’d buy at a big-box store or flooring company. Many remnants are very large pieces of carpeting that can be used in your whole house. The smaller pieces are perfect for rooms where you just need an area rug or a stair runner.

You can buy a carpet remnant and:

    • Have it installed as wall-to-wall carpeting in a single room or in your entire home.
    • Use it as an area rug to place over tile, wood, or other hard flooring.
    • Create a custom carpeting solution for your home. We’ll professionally bind remnants to be the size that you need.

Just measure you room or rooms before you come into one of our convenient north Pittsburgh and south Pittsburgh locations, and we can give you an estimate from those dimensions. Once you put a deposit on a piece of carpet, we can send an installer out to confirm your measurements.

Visit Remnant City today! You’ll be amazed by how great your home will look—and by how little you’ll spend—when you buy brand new carpeting from our store.  

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